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Don’t leave me here alone

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Got a temporary job at my mum’s friend’s company. 3 months work, reasonable pay.
And oh yeah, working in the UK~

So job experience, money, time away from my folks and sis AND I’m gonna bother Nicole, pet Sasha (maybe steal her) and kick about in Cecil’s new home.

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Well, I had to set them all up!

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character tropes => gavin free

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Enterprise bridge

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when you’re younger, being smart and being able to pass classes easily without studying is not a good thing

because then when you hit a point where you do have to study for classes, you have no idea how to study

And then you end up sitting staring at your book for 2 hours thinking to yourself: Maybe if I sleep on it some sort of book osmosis will occur and I’ll absorb the information from my book into my mind

And then you cry.

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